Summer is coming to an end

Summer is coming to an end

Fall is on its way! Here are the things you want to make sure you have in order so your vehicle doesn’t give you any unexpected surprises this coming fall and winter.

Check tire press – Get better gas mileage as well as improved safety by ensuring your tire pressure is within proper range.

Check tire tread – Ensure your tires are in shape to tackle the fall and winter months.

Check oil level – Nothing is more critical than having proper oil for your car.

Check coolant level – Do you notice when driving that your temperature gauge seems to go up faster than normal. It might be you don’t have enough coolant or have a leak.

Check coolant freeze point  – Have your coolant freeze point checked to ensure it stays fluid in colder temperatures

Check your battery – Cold weather can weaken an older battery. Have it tested to guarantee you dont get stuck out in the cold!

Check your wipers – Are they starting to fray or when you turn them on do you notice smearing? Wiper blades are inexpensive to replace but can be a real help.

If you are due for an engine oil service or want a general check up, you can always book an appointment at Bruno Automotive.  Courtesy cars are available.